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noealzii: My Seoul Cyberpunk Photography. If you’d like to support me please reblog and follow http://www.instagram.com/noealzii Source: noealzii

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1lovemotel: “Get a rat and put it in a cage and give it two water bottles. One is just water, and one is water laced with either heroin or cocaine. If you do that, the rat will almost always prefer … Continue reading

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neurodivergent-crow: birobotic: greyhairedgeekgirl: missveryvery: pitcherplant: vulgarweed: rosalarian: beatrice-otter: gettzi: killerchickadee: mswyrr: monanotlisa: river-b: officialqueer: uphillbothways: officialqueer: kgirlskillen74: kgirlskillen74: 27teacups: lanewilliam: robotbisexual: jormunganndr: robotbisexual: violet-lesbian: robotbisexual: violet-lesbian: officialqueer: Honestly “queer” is so useful for people like me w/ a “complicated orientation” … Continue reading

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chal-converts: comedownstairsandsayhello: libhobn: jewishhenna: kuttithevangu: kuttithevangu: The #1 thing I’m looking forward to with my master’s thesis is when my drafts will inevitably come back with “antisemitism” corrected to “anti-Semitism” and then I get to explain that Jewish scholars do … Continue reading

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Contrary to Popular Belief Africa is Not a Monolith

bae–electronica: feministsmadefromfire: “You don’t look African” Considering Africa is a continent with 54 different countries and over 3000 different ethnic groups, it really shouldn’t surprise people that there is no one set look for an African.  Afar people: San people: … Continue reading

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So, uh, I’ve got a question about world building in PoCs… How exactly DID Native Americans worship their gods? I’ve looked at various sources but I’m afraid that I’ll get it wrong…I’m mostly interested in the plains people and the ones who lived in more forested areas along with their differences…I don’t wanna offend others or get their culture wrong when I personally hate it when it happens to me.

writingwithcolor: kittywinks: writingwithcolor: abydosarchives: writingwithcolor: Native Religions and Deity Worship That is private, personal, highly secret information. Native religions are appropriated almost every time they let one piece of information slip to outsiders. As a result of being burned over … Continue reading

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kailere: “Unappropriated Beauty“ is a poster ad campaign tackling the issue of cultural appropriation in a non-accusatory, educational way. These adverts are size-compatible to fit in different settings, including bus shelters, billboards, mobile devices, and magazines. The goal of this … Continue reading

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Japanese Schooling System

natsubutart: herongale: natsubutart: warning for long post ahead  As a some people asked me on Twitter for writing purpose, I thought I’d share this with you all too. The Japanese school system is slightly different from the western one but … Continue reading

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kaijutegu: sass-is-my-x: kaijutegu: husbandpirates: kaijutegu: heres-lou: kaijutegu: nativenews: wearewakanda: Museum Guide: These items are not for sale. Killmonger: How do you think your ancestors got these? You think they paid a full price for it? Or did they take them … Continue reading

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themodernsouthernpolytheist: wilwheaton: bookoisseur: dduane: petermorwood: blacksheepboybucky: trapperweasel: justabrowncoatedwench: proserpine-in-phases: obstinate-nocturna: coelasquid: dracofidus: stillwaterseas: tokensouthernbelle: dracofidus: palindromordnilap: dracofidus: adeterminedloser: dracofidus: Needless to say, I am HORRIFIED. ‘All that you need to know about boars can be summed up in the fact … Continue reading

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