Writer’s Residency 4: Day 2

Today, I was lucky to be the audience for three people’s teaching modules. The three modules were the Hero’s Journey, Plotting and Pansting, and Character Personality Disorders.

The first was done on the Hero’s Journey, and I thought that was remarkably useful. Maybe tomorrow when I actually have my notes, I’ll be able to write up all my thoughts on that module, because it really was a great module. Very informative and filled with a lot of stuff I should focus more on in order to get Accept Fire and Blood on its feet again.

The second was a teaching module on the differences between being a “plotter” and being a “pantser”. This is a pretty fascinating issue because most writers tend to do either one or the other, and this might be one of the few times when you can say that it’s one or the other, but most people do a combination of both.

The final teaching module was on Character Personality Disorders and I found it a little depressing, but highly informative. A lot of information was presented in order to help us be able to create more memorable and believable villains. There were a couple hero examples, but the vast majority of the discussion revolved around the truly disturbed, which tends to be the villains or antagonists.

In the afternoon, I finally took the Point of View module. Also tomorrow when I remember to find my notes, I’ll post the POV chart, which isn’t really a chart at all.

Overall, I’m starting to feel pretty tired and we still have three more days to go.

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