Revision Insanity

Things have been extra busy lately. I’ve managed to make it through the first two chapters of my revision process for Accept Fire and Blood and I’m running out of both motivation and time to get the whole thing done.

You would think the revisions would be the easy part, but the first half of the book needs to be entirely rewritten. I’ve managed to fix a good amount of Point Of View issues which have plagued me for as long as I’ve been writing this story, and I think it’s a lot easier to care about what happens to Ryn, but I still feel like it’s not moving fast enough and that it’s not a very quick read. I don’t think it’s the kind of brain candy that if I were reading it, I would be able to finish it in a couple hours.

My critique partners have been doing rather well with sending back my weekly chapters and I’m getting a lot of good stuff out of their comments. I’ve also been taking drafts of the story to my Wednesday night local writer’s group and they’ve been providing some much needed “average reader” thoughts and comments.

It looks a lot as though I’ll be able to attend the World Fantasy Convention 2010 in Columbus, Ohio. I’m still working on finalizing the details for that, but it should be a pretty good time.

I have five different people’s comments on how to fix the current chapter three, but I have to say that it’s honestly not going very well. This chapter and the next chapter are probably the most boring chapters in the entire book, but they’re necessary in order to move the plot along. I dislike writing boring chapters because … well … they’re boring. And the worst part is that if I, the author, am bored, that means it’s quite likely that readers will be bored as well. So my goal for the next two chapters is to get them to be much less boring and more focused on moving things along at a quicker pace.

I’ve found that I actually pay more attention to my sentence structure now that I’m knee-deep in revisions. I’m trying to vary things a bit more and not starting every sentence with the same words. I think it’s going fairly well, though it feels like I’m still being a bit long winded. I guess only time will tell how solidly my revisions and rewrites actually are.

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