Chapter 3

I did manage to finish the revisions for chapter 3 and turn them in on the deadline, which was 27 August. Chapter 3 wound up being a little shorter than the chapters previous, and chapter 4 might be just as short. I think once I finish the revisions for chapter 4 that things will move much smoother, as that’s when the action really starts kicking in and the main character starts getting beaten to a bloody pulp. That kind of stuff tends to me more interesting to write and it tends to move the story along a lot faster.

I’m still thinking about whether or not I can revise Accept Fire and Blood to be solely from Ryn’s point of view. There are a couple really good scenes with Jobe, but I think it will increase the mystery to not show so much from his side. Unfortunately, he has most of the main plot points while she is just trying to survive.

I think I’m doing a better job now with developing Ryn as a character. Having dialogue in every chapter is helping that out, I think. I’m torn between adding her actual thoughts on things and not. It still feels like there might be too much distance between her and the reader and I’m not quite sure how I intend to fix it. Maybe this week, I’ll reread the first three revised chapters again and see if I, as a reader and not the writer, actually care about what’s happening to her. That’s proven to be a pretty solid way so far for me to figure out if this story is actually going to be able to hold water. The story itself is good, I just need to keep working to get readers more invested in it.

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