Movie Review: Resident Evil: After Life

I haven’t been to the movies in a really long time. Most of my time these days is spent on the insane revision process that’s eating up all my time and energy. I decided I needed a break, so last night I went and saw Resident Evil: After Life.

I have to say, this was the perfect break for me to take. I’m not really sure if the Resident Evil movies are considered horror, but there was definitely a phobia for everyone. Phobias for dark, enclosed spaces; drowning and water related issues; fear of heights and flying; fear of being eaten by zombies. You know, the usual. It kept me balanced between thinking about how they could possibly end the movie and being on the edge of my seat for what was happening. It also made me really look at what makes horror so … well, horrifying.

The beginning was a little confusing, as it starts out on the streets of a fully populated Tokyo. This was weird because Resident Evil: Extinction took place after the T-virus had destroyed the world’s entire population. There seemed to be a bit of time jumping in the first thirty minutes or so of the movie, and that motivated me to come home and watch the entire series again and see if I could put together their timeline. Because of my intensely needed, all-consuming revisions, I didn’t do that, but I suspect that as soon as I get some breathing room, I will in fact watch the entire Resident Evil series and determine whether or not their timeline makes sense.

The clean-cut bad guy in the movie was a little too Matrix-ish for my tastes. It almost felt like a copy of Agent Smith with the way he spoke and acted. Maybe it’s just the tone of voice and the choice of words. Somehow, I think they could have done that better without being so similar.

The fun part about movies like this is by now, you pretty much know who will live and who is there to be an extra meal to one of the nasty beasties. I was impressed with the realism of the different characters, but any characters that weren’t meant to survive past a certain point were clearly cannon fodder material.

This movie was also linked pretty closely to the games in a few ways. I know some of the more recent games changed the way the T-virus was infecting people and how the zombies behaved, giving some of them more of an ability to think and act in partial human ways. The tentacle thing was also a part of some of the newer games.

Overall, I would say that I enjoyed the movie, but it leaves me with just one really consuming question: If everyone on the planet has pretty much been wiped out or turned into a zombie, where exactly do they keep finding all these armies of bad guys?

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