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Looking at my calendar for the next several months, it appears as though my traveling schedule is getting ever closer. Given that I’m going to be out and about for quite some time on this research trip, I’ve been looking at electronic gadgets that I think might be portable enough to take with me.

I’m seriously thinking about picking up an e-reader of some sort, and I’ve got a pretty good idea which one I’ll wind up springing for. I was debating asking for it as a Christmas present, but I’m impulsive and would probably buy it if I found it in a store. I need something small that can fit into a pocket so that I can carry with me. Having a great battery life would also be very beneficial. So if I do wind up picking this up before Christmas, anyone who actually knows me and intends on sending me a Christmas present of some sort can buy me gift cards so I can put my important books on my new e-reader (that I don’t own yet). I have so many books that I absolutely love that it’s hard for me to think about traveling and not having access to them.

I’ve also been trying to figure out what I should do about something to write on. I already have an Alphasmart and I seriously think it’s one of the best writer tools ever, but it’s just not as portable as I need. So I took the initiative and sent out an email for my Go Writer! idea. I sent that out last night and I actually had a response in my email box this morning. Not quite what I was expecting, but it was still interesting. So that actually has potential and I would be very excited if my Go Writer! idea became something I could actually purchase and take with me on my travels.

The funny part about technology is that it keeps getting smaller, but with more applications. I don’t want a palm-sized phone, GPS, movie-watching toy. I just want something I can write on like the Alphasmart and something I can read books and PDFs with so I can carry my library and keep myself entertained during long flights. I think that those individuals who invent things should be making two versions of all their new gadgets – the simple version with only the basic tools necessary and the complicated version with all the bells and whistles. That way, everyone can get what they want. I mean, we have the ability to do that with cars, right? I could get a 2010 whatever with power windows and built-in MP3 player, etc., or I could buy the same 2010 as a manual with no power windows and a CD player. Why can’t I do that with my electronics?

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