Random thoughts in transit

I’ve been absent for a little while and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to post more regularly or have something more useful to say in the coming year. I suspect I’ll be reading a bit more than usual and I’ve been putting a lot of words on pages in the last week or so, but I haven’t really been able to post anything here.

So far, my research trip isn’t giving me as much story fodder as I was originally intending, but I suspect that has more to do with the fact that I’ve spent so much time lately travelling and not enough time actually contemplating the world around me. I’ve learned quite a bit about rocks, though, which was unexpected. I’m hoping to be able to settle down at my next stop for a good bit of time and that’s when I should start being able to take the time and energy to write about the environment I’m in at the current time.

I suppose that’s not entirely accurate. I’m absolutely surrounded by story ideas, I just haven’t had the ability to do anything about them. Especially since so many of those ideas are so very mundane and boring, like mattress monsters that eat people during their sleep or tents that move in the middle of the night. Maybe a little bit about winged demons that are lighter than air and crawl around the ceiling fabric of canvas tents, searching for vigilant women to corrupt in the day.

If I never mentioned that my brain is a strange place, it really is.

I was also spending a little bit of time reading about the whole Dorchester / Leisure press thing. The basic summary of that story is that apparently, they aren’t paying their authors, nor have they been paying them for quite some time. So if I happen to see any books published by them, I guess I won’t be buying them. But a better question would be where exactly would I be finding books to purchase anyway?

I really like how people keep saying that reading is a dying hobby when I’ve seen more eReaders on this trip than i thought I would. I’ve seen all types, too, and I’ve found myself having more discussions about books than I did the last time I went on one of these excursions. I’m torn between sharing some of my eBooks and not because I’m pretty sure that anyone who borrows the books I have will love them and then want to buy their own copies. I don’t know. It’s a confusing issue, since books aren’t really physical over here.

I’m hoping that once I get settled, I’ll be able to set up an actual schedule and then write at least 500 words a day and therefore finish the revisions on Accept Fire and Blood and get a full draft of any of the projects I’m working on done by Christmas 2011. I think it’s doable.

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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1 Response to Random thoughts in transit

  1. lauratrefor says:

    “something more useful to say” – thanks for your posts.
    I write random reflections from the edge of Wales/England. But thanks to the power of the web I got to read your thoughts today.
    My point is you wont know if what you say is ‘something useful to say’ as your random (and carefully planned!) musings mix with others across the ‘wonderful world weaving web’. keep writing. if you can chunk it up for those of us without time to sit down to read a whole novel today, all the better. I am leaving my laptop now to walk in the real world, but I take a chunk of your writing with me in my head… Diolch yn fawr (Thanks) from Wales. 😉

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