Ending Research

This last year of my extended research trip has been a rather long one. I learned a lot and definitely have some great story ideas, including a new book in a new series that I think I have the experience to write well.

For the last year, I wrote 1,200 words every single night that went out to about 2.4 million people. That’s probably the largest audience I’ll ever have for my work and most of it required a good deal of creative flair as well as the ability to write for a variety of audiences with a variety of different tastes. Even though the words that I wrote every night were not exactly fiction, the exercise of my skills prepared me to challenge myself with my writing even more.

In theory, I have a couple of people who are going to help encourage and push me to get the next draft of my next book finished as quickly as possible, before all my hard-earned research fades into the back of my cluttered brain.

I’m not going to lie and say this past year of research was easy on me. It most certainly was not. I spent so long not in control of anything in my life that it’s a bit different to be back in a place where I again have free reign over everything in my life. I’m not really sure what kind of toll this will take on my writing as I work to get back into the groove of novel-writing. Before I returned, I had thought that I would be able to write something like 7,500 words a week and that would allow me to have a rough draft of my next book finished in something like 10-15 weeks. Now that I’m back here, though, I think it might be a much more realistic goal for me to write about 5,000 a week. Considering I just spent an entire year writing 1,200 words a night, 5,000 a week shouldn’t be an issue at all, but I think it will be a lot harder than I anticipate. Knowledge was earned, but experience fades quickly when faced with a world of intense possibilities.

It’s time to write again. I guess that’s one thing that can be said about the last year of my life – if nothing else, I have proven that I am stubborn enough to finish anything. Expect more entries here as I work on writing and reliving the most intense year of my life. To Write!


About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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