Movie Review: The Avengers

I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie, just like everyone else, for quite some time. There are only a small handful of people who I trust to provide opinions on movies that I tend to agree with. When those people tell me that a movie is good and I will thoroughly enjoy, they tend to be correct. This time was no different.

I have to start with the beginning. Joss Whedon. I don’t think he’s written anything I haven’t enjoyed. Buffy, Angel, Firefly, the Dollhouse. All of them have full stories with excellent characters who overcome obstacles in strange worlds and remain true to their own humanity.

The Avengers remained true to the roots of all the original characters and the movie wasn’t just about one character. It wasn’t a story just about Captain America, or Thor, or the Hulk, or Black Widow, or Hawkeye, or even Iron Man. Every character had their role, and every character played upon their own individual strengths to make the team work. They had to learn how to function as a team because they were so used to functioning as individuals, but that’s just part of the dynamics of becoming a team. Even Director Fury played his role spectacularly in believing that the Avengers Initiative would be able to save the world if the members of the team were given enough motivation to function together for a cause which meant something to them.

Overall, the movie was funny, moving, had a good mix of action, drama, story, and character. I might have to go see it again at some point, and I am hoping that they eventually release a full movie boxed set that has all of the pre-Avenger movies plus the Avengers so that I can buy them all together.

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