Book Review: Dragon Quest by Anne McCaffrey

So I also finished Dragon Quest (Fantasy 321 pages) by Anne McCaffrey pretty much the day after I finished Dragon Flight but am only now getting to the review of it because things have been super busy with the final stages of leaving the island. Overall, I am continuing to enjoy the Dragonriders of Pern series. I’m a bit disgruntled that it took me so long to read them, but I’m happy that I’m reading them now.

I think it’s possible that I might be getting more out of my reading right now than if I had read it in my youth. Now, I have the experiences and the knowledge to fully appreciate the mix of fantasy and science fiction being presented in this storyline. I think Anne McCaffrey is one of the better authors I’ve read that does a great job with making little details important. I like how the fire lizards know that going to the Red Star is a bad idea and how that plays into the attempts to get there later in the book. I like how everything is connected and feels so simple in the story, but is very complicated in real life.

One of the most interesting things about this story is the very different characters. None of the characters in this book are paper cut-outs and all of them have such unique personalities that you can tell which of the characters are the main focus for individual scenes throughout the story before the names are even mentioned.

I also like how things simply exist in the world of Pern without having to be explained. In my opinion, this makes the world feel like a universe we could find as we explore the stars. There’s no information dumping where the author is working to clearly talk about every piece of technology that might be involved. The readers know everything the characters know, though with our basic education in science, I believe that most readers get that really cool, “Ah! I know what’s going on!” feeling while reading the books. So the characters might be completely confused, but the tiny sparks of scientific knowledge in the readers allow them to infer more about the story than the story actually shows us. This is a trait that I hope to someday be able to emulate in my own writing.

Overall, I’m enjoying this series greatly and will likely continue reading it as I have time.

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2 Responses to Book Review: Dragon Quest by Anne McCaffrey

  1. harlotbug says:

    McCaffrey’s Pern books were all but the very first that I sought out on my own. I remember how …oddly sad I was when the book came along where the Pern people finally rediscover the spaceships that brought their ancestors. I also remember, years and years later, how perplexed I was to find her name on the teeny tiny list of authors who outright refused to let anyone fanfic their characters.

    • C.A. Jacobs says:

      You do realize that the two reviews I’ve posted for the Dragonriders of Pern series are the only two books that I’ve read? But now I know that they somehow find spaceships! I’ll have to see about continuing with my reading of this series. I am uncertain how I feel about fanfiction. In previous years, I firmly believed that those who wrote fanfic lacked the creativity and story-telling ability to create their own worlds and characters. On the other side, I intellectually understand that fanfic can inspire future authors to begin writing and telling stories. As I am likely to never achieve the kind of writerly success that would encourage fanfic on my own pieces, I feel as though this is probably a topic I’m okay to be neutral on for the time being. The Dragonriders of Pern has been a good series in the two books I’ve read so far but I don’t really know that I’m craving more books, if that makes sense.

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