25 Days of Writing Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: Your character is getting ready in the morning. Write a scene of their morning (or even mid day) routine.

Lemira opened her eyes and listened to the barracks around her. She lay on her bunk, awake and alert for no apparent reason. Her eyes scanned the familiar wood beams across the ceiling and noticed the grey light of pre-dawn as a faint tint against the far rafter. Any moment now, Kalmesh would spring some sort of loud, painful contraption into the giant bay filled with bunks. Designed to scare, startle, and prepare the trainees for the chaos of true combat, the morning alarm tended to have the desired effect.

Except on Lemira. For whatever reason, Lemira always found herself prepared for the morning alarm before Kalmesh entered with the new day’s torment. Strict barracks rules kept the trainees in their beds until the alarm sounded, but Lemira found that those extra few moments of alertness allowed her to take stock of the situation before the axe fell. She also tended to be more prepared than the other trainees because she figured out little tricks like keeping her boots unlaced with the laces tucked into the boots which allowed her to dress faster than the others. She also took the time prior to crawling into her bunk to set up her trainee garb at the top of her pack in a neat pile so she knew the location of each piece of clothing by feel instead of losing time searching for necessary items.

As she listened, she heard the distinct scrape of Kalmesh’s newest toy along the ground. Today’s sounded like he decided to drag in a bag full of kettles from the kitchen. Lemira didn’t identify the precise items in the bag before Kalmesh unleashed the morning alarm.

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