25 Days of Writing Challenge: Day 9

Day 9: How was your characters first kiss? Who with? Where was it? How old were they? Write the scene.

Late in the evening, right after dinner, Kalmesh gathered all the trainees together in order to make an example of two trainees caught participating in inappropriate behavior. As usual, the trainees knew nothing about the purpose for the gathering, but rumors travelled with unnatural speed amongst the trainees. Kalmesh brought the two offenders in front of the entire battalion of trainees which included all four companies and contained over two hundred youths between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. Separated by company in block formations that surrounded the giant training platform in the middle of the training ring, the trainees waited for Kalmesh to inform them who perpetrated the inappropriate behavior and what the standard punishment entailed.

Kalmesh dragged two trainees up the stairs to the platform and placed them on report in front of the entire battalion. Melara, one of only three female trainees, shuffled her feet and refused to look raise her head to look at the trainees while Rumeh, a well-built arrogant son of a wealthy merchant, stared down the crowd with his head held high and a smirk across his face. Kalmesh told the trainees how they were caught in a compromising position which involved partial undress and indecency.

Lemira suspected this had been Melara’s first kiss. Torn between sorrow for the loss of Melara’s pride and innocence and amazement that the two trainees somehow managed to find time to participate in that kind of activity, Lemira watched in awe with the rest of the battalion as Kalmesh described their punishments.

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