Bookshelf Blues

Life is filled with difficult and complicated issues. I recently purchased more books and had not yet taken the time to fix the alphabetization on my bookshelves. I decided that would be a wonderful way to spend my Friday evening. Since I was already going to be reorganizing everything, I also decided to make a running inventory list of how many books I own, what I’ve read, etc., with the hopes of travelling to a bookstore sometime soon in order to fill some of the holes in my collection. Unfortunately, I’ve been presented with a variety of issues for the books and bookshelves that I own.

I am currently in the “L” section of my main set of bookshelves. And if the trend continues the way things look right now, the next section of books is too tall for this portion of the bookshelf. So naturally, I’m trying to think of ways to make things fit a little bit better. Highest on the list is to buy more books that will fit before this section, thus pushing the current stack of books down by two sections.

But then that brought up even more dilemmas! Do I want to invest more in mass market paperback books or do I want to start upgrading my collection to hardback books? I’ve been trying to keep my collection here to strictly mass market paperbacks because I’ve had to move a whole bunch in the last eleven years. Now that I’m thinking about what my life outside my current career might look like, I’m finding that the idea of being able to fill my home library in the cabin I will someday build with rows and rows of beautiful hardback books is greatly appealing. Plus, I’m finding that some of my mass market paperback books are being rather abused and might start falling apart if I continue to reread them or loan them out to people who might not be as careful with their books as I seem to be with mine.

I still have a whole bunch of hardback books stored elsewhere and I don’t really need two or three copies of the books I own, even though that’s what appears to have happened since I am storing books both in my home and elsewhere. And the draw of the mass market paperback books is that they are easy to fit into pockets, backpacks, or other travel equipment. They are smaller and they weigh considerably less, which means I can take more of them with me when I travel. But the other side of that is that I do have a good many of my absolute favorite books in eFormat for my eReader.

There is also the possibility that I could rearrange my shelves. Maybe put all the mass market paperback books first and then all the larger books after that. That doesn’t really work, though, because a few of the series that I own and read are a mix between hardback and mass market paperback. So then I would have to search all over the place for books in the same series. Then I thought about maybe organizing them by type, such as young adult, fantasy, science fiction, etc., but I realized that most of the books I read will cross genre boundaries. I also thought about taking either the mass market paperback books and selling them to the used bookstore here and then buying the hardbacks of the same book, or doing the reverse and buying the mass market paperback. While I am certain that I would make do and be completely content with either choice that I made, I am uncertain as to how to proceed. All options result in organized bookshelves! And all options require more books 😉

I have also been considering some more extreme and drastic measures to fix my shelving problem, and that’s to pay $430 extra out-of-pocket every month in order to upgrade to a two-bedroom apartment instead of the one bedroom that I currently live in. With a whole extra bedroom, I could fill it with bookshelves and buy more books! But then I’d be paying out-of-pocket for extra space and eventually, I will have to move all of my belongings from this coast to the opposite coast. It may not happen this year or next year, but the potential for that big move increases as time goes by. And it will happen eventually because I am certainly not staying on this coast when my time with my current occupation expires.

So many decisions. It’s a good thing that this is a fun game and one that I’m actually enjoying 🙂

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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