Movie Review: Chuck season 5

I really am trying to get through all the things that I own that I either haven’t watched or haven’t read. I enjoyed the first few seasons of Chuck and I own the fifth season, but I hadn’t gotten around to watching it. I think that was because of where season four left off that made me not entirely thrilled with where season five might go.

The fifth and final season of Chuck made a lot of changes. It felt like it was a lot less upbeat than the previous seasons and, oddly, closer to reality. All the characters have major changes to their lives and things adjust drastically. And that’s how life really is. Life changes, whether we want it to or not.

In one of the episodes, I related to Sarah in a really huge way. Sarah and Chuck were at a social gathering with all the Buy More employees and Sarah made a new friend who invited her out for coffee. There was a lot during that episode about how hard it is to make real friends, especially as adults, and the challenges that go along with that. In the show, it’s a lot easier for them to not make new adult friends because of the large social circle they already have in place. Most of that social circle is because of long-time friends, coworkers, and family, all of whom live near each other. I guess this hit harder and closer to me because of where my life is at right now. I’m on the opposite coast from my entire family. The friends that mean the most to me are all far away, some in different states, some in different countries. Time zones and life in general get in the way of normal communication, even with the internet and cell phones. And it feels more and more these days that I’m learning that in my occupation, you can’t be friends with your coworkers. Not really. Because everything is temporary, and that’s a really hard lesson to accept.

So while the end of the series for Chuck did have a potential for a hopeful and happy future for all of them, everything in their lives changed so drastically that I’m pretty sure things will never be as good as they were for all of them. Life will get harder, especially if they ever want to have holiday gatherings. In some ways, I’m sure their lives might get better and that change for each of the characters will be a good thing. But just as in real life, things change. It’s up to us to make the best out of the changes in our lives, just as all the characters in Chuck are likely to do if the characters were real and the show was real life.

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