Movie Review: Why We Ride

So the last real and planned adventure for the random break in my life was to go to a theater and watch a motorcycle movie called Why We Ride. I’d never been to a motorcycle function like this so it was an interesting idea for an adventure.

I’m not really sure that I had any expectations of the movie or the evening in general, but it was really nice to be surrounded by people who share similar interests. The movie was interesting and showed some really fascinating areas and some really talented motorcycle¬†riders.

I thought the movie was really well done. I was particularly interested in the fact that the movie didn’t really touch on the safety aspects that so often become a part of the motorcycle gatherings in my current life. Those in the movie did discuss that it’s important for those that are learning how to ride to get proper instruction, education, and equipment for whatever style of riding they want to do. Thankfully, the bloody and gruesome deaths and violence that are so often a part of motorcycle gatherings were completely absent.

After the movie, a small group of motorcyclists met for dinner and we discussed some of the more interesting parts of the movie. We all pretty much agreed that it was mildly unfair to show this movie at the current time, when the world is covered in snow and is ridiculously cold, but it did motivate all of us to ride and made us excited for weather and conditions with which to ride in.

I am still uncertain that riding would be in my best interests, as I don’t quite think that my ankle will support that kind of stress at the current time. So as much as I might want to go riding and how I will soon be back in my own normal location and could probably easily go riding, I don’t think it’s the best idea for me right now.

The small group also discussed how the movie encouraged each of us to go and try racing at the appropriate motorcycle tracks. And potentially dirt bike riding. We all easily agreed that the movie was well done and definitely encouraged our desires to be better motorcycle riders. Overall, it was interesting and motivational, but it felt rather confusing because it could have ended at any time.

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