Movie Review: Godzilla

I absolutely went and saw Godzilla last night on opening night and it was well-worth seeing the movie in a packed theater. I think this is actually one of those few, rare movies that’s made better when you see it in a theater filled with strangers. This movie clearly knew its target audience very well and there were a few times where I felt like they put things in there specifically to push the boundaries of what they knew the audience was likely to want to see or what the audience might react to.

I have to admit that I got a little confused by the timeline. I understand fully why they used only timeframes along the lines of “15 years ago”, but it was a little confusing to have several of those. So I wasn’t sure if it was trying to say that the whole thing took 30 years or more or if everything happened only 15 years ago.

The movie was not what I was expecting. Granted, I’m not really sure I had any expectations whatsoever, but when you first see things that are out of the ordinary, you think to yourself, “Huh. That’s not what I thought Godzilla would look like.” Or thinking about how that’s not how you thought the movie would start. I have to admit, the first part of the movie really was rather depressing, and not in the way I thought it would be. I think they did a really good job with showing the relationships between people and how much love can move a person to do either the extraordinary or be absolutely viewed as insane to the outside observer.

I was a little annoyed when I found out that the main character was a Lieutenant. Haven’t we had enough movies with young, brash Lieutenants? But then it was revealed that he was a Navy Lieutenant, which is actually an O3, meaning that this guy had actually been around for a bit and that he knew what he was doing, instead of being the Army / Air Force / Marine Corps Lieutenant, which is an O1 or O2, and generally is someone who is either fresh out of college or fresh out of training and hasn’t been in the military long enough to have real military experience. I think they did a really good job with this character and I actually liked him and wanted him to succeed.

Another minor oddity I found with the movie was I really thought Godzilla‘s head and teeth should be bigger. I mean, really, the first time you see all of Godzilla, I laughed because it looked like a giant bear. Godzilla‘s got this HUGE body, but then this tiny little head with questionable teeth. Those teeth really didn’t look like they could do any damage to anything. I’m sure Godzilla has great jaw strength, but the head really did look too tiny for the body to me.

Overall, I liked the movie and thought it was a lot of fun with great special effects, characters you can cheer for, and a logical timeline and course of events for this type of movie. I will probably buy it when it comes out and would probably rate it around a three on my scale.

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  1. I also thought Godzilla looked a little…heavy. Of course, I liked the movie enough that I’m already jumping to its defense saying ‘of course he’s heavy, he’s part aquatic and needs bouyancy…stuff…biology bouyancy stuff like a seal or a lizard that swims with a round rather than flat tail…yeah…BLUE FIRE EFF YEAH!

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