Movie Review: Kiki’s Delivery Service

I picked up Kiki’s Delivery Service, another of the Studio Ghibli movies, when I was out shopping a couple weeks ago. This one is pretty much my favorite so far.

There’s a lot of reasons why I really enjoyed this movie. I guess the biggest is that I really relate to Kiki. She’s got a good heart and she wants to help people. She doesn’t really know what she’s supposed to be doing so she helps in small ways. Everything just sort of works out for her. She gets a nice place to stay with breakfast and a delivery service. She’s out on her own, just trying to get by. It’s a great story.

As with most of these movies, there were a few really sad parts. Kiki spent so much time with that one grandmother, working to make that special baked treat for her granddaughter’s birthday. So much love was put into it and then when Kiki delivered it, the granddaughter was cruel and didn’t appreciate the effort and time and love that went into making and delivering the special treat. It made me really frustrated.

And then when Kiki loses her powers because she starts doubting herself, I just about lost it. It’s interesting how much of ourselves we invest in who we are and how easy it is to start a downward negative cycle that just feeds itself. You start doubting yourself and then it makes it harder to do things that you know you ought to be able to do. The less you can do the things you know you ought to be able to do, the less confidence you have in yourself and your ability to accomplish other things. And so doubt feeds doubt and makes things complicated and difficult after that.

“Painting and magical powers seem very much the same.” Kiki can’t figure out how to fly because she’s trying too hard to analyze and remember how to fly. So the artist advises her to stop trying so hard and to focus on other things. The artist had to figure out what and why she wanted to paint, but we each need to find our own inspiration. And it’s not easy.

But then the older lady, the grandmother who Kiki helped so much, asks Kiki to drop by and has made a cake for her to show Kiki how much she’s appreciated. I think that’s kind of a turning point for Kiki, as she’s able to realize that she really did make a positive difference, and not just through her flying delivery service.

I really enjoyed this movie and I’m glad I purchased it. It’s probably a high three on my rating scale.

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