179 Day Review: Half of 2014


We are now just over halfway through 2014. I figured this was a good time to look back and see what kind of progress I’ve made on my 2014 goals. See, most of us make new year’s resolutions at the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Then we forget about those things which we wanted to accomplish and end the year thinking we will do better next year. I’m going to do a direction check now that we are at the halfway point to see what I still need to work on and to feel better about where I’ve been so far this year.

1) Read ONE book per week. So far in 2014, there have been 26 weeks. I have written book reviews for 23 books. That’s actually a little bit better than I thought I’d done and I could probably read three more books this weekend if I really wanted to achieve that goal. The point is that I am reading and writing reviews of the books I read. I’ve expanded to a whole bunch of new authors and new books this year and I’m really excited about that. So even though I am not currently on track, I feel happy about where I am with this goal. Reading is good and fun and it keeps me out of trouble. I’m calling this goal a total win right now.

2) Write ONE movie review per week. Again, there have been 26 weeks so far this year and I have written 25 movie reviews. I watched a couple of movies in the last week or so that I didn’t do movie reviews on because I didn’t feel like it, but maybe I’ll do that at some point today. I’m going to call this goal a total win right now as well because I’m actually writing the reviews. That’s the important part here, not just watching the movies.

3) Listen to TEN songs or ONE album per week and then organize my music correctly. I have so far organized 1,062 of the 2,348 songs I’ve been trying to go through and listen to and categorize. This is an absolute WIN in my view. Even if I don’t do any more with my music this year, this is much more than I actually anticipated getting through in the entire year. Especially the Homestuck music, which takes up 678 songs in my music library. Some of it was kind of painful to listen to, some of it was kind of fun, and there was a surprising amount of music that I actually really enjoyed.

4) Revise Affinity. I have not worked on any revisions in any capacity. I know I should be working on it, I’m just trying to get too many other things done right now.

5) Participate and win NaNoWriMo in 2014. This hasn’t happened yet, so I it’s a neutral goal.

6) Draw and color at least ONE full size pattern. I have one pattern that I’ve been working on that is almost complete and another, much larger pattern that I’m also working on that I hope to be able to complete in the next couple months. Since progress is actively being made, I’m going to call this a success so far.

7) Run two miles in under 16 minutes. I’m not sure if I’m making progress on this or not. I am running two to three times a week and I am pushing a lot harder than I think my ankle is ready for, but I’m not sure that I will be able to run two miles at all, let alone in under 16 minutes. The last time I ran two miles back in April, I think my time was 19:24. Though, maybe my time will continue to improve. I haven’t lost faith in this goal yet, but I’m also not entirely certain this is achievable. We’ll see.

8) Stop swearing. I was doing okay with this goal, then I had kind of a crappy week and I haven’t been able to get control of my vocabulary again. I’m doing better about it these days and I do believe this is a fully achievable goal. So I’d say I’m doing okay with this right now, but that some improvement is still necessary.

9) Attend one cultural event or location per month. I am absolutely achieving this goal. I also see this as the adventuring that I’m doing. So far this year, I’ve travelled to California and Vermont. I went and saw The Wizard of Oz musical at a 100 year-old theater and I participated in a motorcycle movie night. I went camping and rock climbing in North Carolina. I spent time at a waterpark in the middle of the winter when snow-covered everything in drifts taller than me. I helped work with a shelter that takes in abused horses. I’ve been to two gaming nights with over 30 people per night and learned about a fantastic role-playing game about Werewolves. This goal was designed to get me out and experiencing life again after everything that went so wrong in the last six or seven months. And it’s working. I’m making positive social connections and I’m doing things that I enjoy. I still miss my Adventure Buddy in every hour of every day and every adventure I have, but it’s not stopping me from moving forward.

10) Climb a 5.10 wall. I DID THIS!!! I went outdoor rock climbing for the first time in my life and had such an amazing time! We drove out a really amazing place in North Carolina and spent the day climbing real mountains and then we camped and then we went climbing again the next day. It was such an amazing trip and I can’t believe how high up and how fantastic that adventure was! I think we’re going to try to repeat the trip again before the fall, but that depends on time and work.

Wow. So it appears as though I’m actually nicely on track with my goals for 2014. The last six months have been the worst time of my entire life. I wouldn’t wish what I’ve gone through on anyone, not even people considered enemies. But these last six months have also forced me to work harder to get my life back together again. And it’s working. By setting realistic, quantifiable, and attainable goals, it’s helped me to focus my energies on getting my life back together. I’m glad I set the goals that I did and that I’ve been working so hard to achieve them. The only thing I really need to work harder on is my writing. Now that I’ve identified a short-coming, I can work harder to fix it 🙂


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2 Responses to 179 Day Review: Half of 2014

  1. Just a nitpick, but due to February being a short month, we’re not quite halfway through the year yet. The midpoint of a non-leap year is 1 pm (due to Daylight Savings Time) on July 2.

    That being said, congrats on your accomplishments so far, good luck the rest of the year, and thanks for sharing – you’ve given me some ideas for the next time I write resolutions.

    • C.A. Jacobs says:

      See, this is why I’m a writer and not a person who ever has to do math 🙂 When I wrote this post, the math said that 31 + 28 + 31 + 30 + 31 + 28 = 179, which is one day shorter than 356 divided by 2. But because math is NOT my strong suit, I am numerically dyslexic, which means I did not see that I had switched 365 with 356. But thank you for letting me know that my math was off 🙂

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