Movie Review: All Dogs Go To Heaven

Continuing with my trend of watching older animated movies from my childhood, today I watched All Dogs Go To Heaven.

I haven’t seen this movie in decades and I remember it being really depressing but also really sweet at the same time.

Charlie is definitely a swindler, a dog who uses everyone and everything around him to meet his own needs. He’s greedy and selfish and doesn’t think about anyone except himself. While he does take care of his friend, Itchy, he does it because he would be alone and would have to do everything by himself if he didn’t. The only time he shows loyalty to Itchy is when Itchy comes back from being beaten up by Carface and his gang. He tells Itchy that he’s his best friend and that taking care of Ann Marie was only because he was using her. Ann Marie overhears this conversation. She’s hurt and she runs away and things go badly from there.

I think the reason I like this movie is because it’s a movie about redemption and love. You can spend such a huge portion of your life being greedy and selfish and still learn how to love and give up everything for someone you love. The movie is about learning what’s truly important in life and learning that not everything is about taking care of yourself and doing whatever you want. The movie shows that if you’re given a second chance, use it to make amends and to find love, not to get revenge. Use your time to make the world a better place for those around you.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and probably rate it as a high two or a low three on my rating scale. It’s a good movie to watch every now and again, but not something I could watch over and over again.

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