Movie Review: Earth to Echo

While out on a supply run recently, I noticed that Earth to Echo was out on video. I had wanted to see it when I saw previews for it last year but my movie-going experiences have been rather sporadic lately. I haven’t been keeping up with the movies that are out in theaters or those that are available for purchase lately.

I knew based on the previews that I remembered that Earth to Echo was going to be something like a newer version of ET. A bunch of kids find an alien life form and try to help and protect it against the evil and villainous government who is bent on dissecting the unknown alien creature, destroying it completely, or manipulating it to nefarious needs. And this is definitely the story of Earth to Echo. Only this time, the villainous workers intent on causing harm to the alien are not specifically identified. In this movie, it’s construction workers who are building a new highway through the town and so all the residents have to move.

The story centers around a group of kids who are spending their last night together as friends before each of them has to move. The new highway is going right through their neighborhood and so each family needed to find a new house, potentially a new job, and a new place to live. Alex, Munch, and Tuck go on an adventure on their last night together as friends to find a signal that’s messing up their phones. They find a tiny mechanical alien, Echo, who is stranded and wants to go home. In order to do so, he has to bring up his strength and get to his ship, as the capsule he landed in will act as some sort of a key to finding the ship.

In some ways, I liked the use of a GoPro to “make” the movie. It was there sporadically enough so that you remembered it, but not enough to mess with the storyline. I’m not a fan of the shaky camera style and I was glad that it was used as minimally as possible. Telling the story this way helped create a link between the characters and the audience and in some ways made the story a little bit more empathic.

The space graphics were so very, very pretty. I enjoyed those very few parts of the movie greatly.

Overall, the movie was fairly heartwarming and cute, but not something I would feel the need to watch over and over again. I think I would rate this movie as a middle two on my scale. It was neat to watch, but I kind of wish I’d waited until it was on sale before I bought it.


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