Book Review: Freedom’s Ransom by Anne McCaffrey

I actually finished Freedom’s Ransom (Science Fiction 287 pages) by Anne McCaffrey last week, but I didn’t have the chance to write up my review then.

This was the fourth book in the Freedom series and I’ve continued to enjoy the series, but I really thought that this was going to be the last book. I was noticeably disappointed when this wasn’t even close to the last book.

In some ways, I really enjoyed the look of dystopian Earth after the invasion and the removal of so much of the populace. Seeing the people of Earth working together for shared resources and trying to rebuild together was really motivational on one hand, but also kind of depressing on the other because I really do believe that it will take some sort of global catastrophe for us to all realize that we’re in this together and we ought to be treating each other better.

This book was also the first one in the Freedom series where I didn’t mark any pages or passages for future reference. I guess there wasn’t anything that really stuck out with me as being anything more than what the previous three books in the series covered.

The Farmers are barely mentioned, but I do really appreciate Zainal’s increasing desire to free all the humans and return their own world to them, as well as finding all those that were shipped off to slave colonies and working to reunite people with their loved ones.

I guess one of the things that did strike me as unfortunate was how many humans wanted to take a ship to Botany and go to a world where the people weren’t hurting for so much. This made me really sad because I see this in our modern society, how so many people treat so much of the world as disposable. Disposable electronics, disposable food, disposable people. It’s easier to throw people away than it is to work to build a solid relationship. It’s easier to throw away paper plates at dinner than it is to do the dishes. It’s easier to riot when protesting than it is to work solidly to become a police office or a lawyer to prevent atrocities in the future.

Overall, I’d say this book is probably a high two on my rating scale. I’m glad I own it an I’m likely to read it again in the future, but I actually don’t think I’m going to invest any more in the series. I think this will be the last book in the Freedom series that I read. For whatever reason, I just get the feeling that any future books (if there are any) are just going to dishearten me with politics and things that won’t be particularly helpful to me in the future.

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