Movie Review: Die Hard 2

So continuing with my movie marathon today, I watched Die Hard 2 immediately following the conclusion of Die Hard.

“What is it about John McClane and the holidays? Here it is, Christmas Eve, and McClane is off-duty in the nation’s capital. But a team of terrorists, in town to rescue a drug lord from justice, has taken over a major international airport, holding thousands of travelers hostage. Amidst a blinding blizzard, McClane must race against time to defeat the terrorists and their murderous leader. And if that’s not a big enough lump of coal in his stocking, he’s also contending with an inept airport police chief, the stubborn head of the army’s anti-terrorist squad, and the knowledge that his wife is trapped in a plane desperately low on fuel, circling overhead!”

This is a much better Christmas movie than Die Hard was because this one actually happens in a place that might have snow during the holiday season. So this movie is supposed to take place in Washington, D.C., the week of Christmas and it’s during a huge series of storms, which make visibility an issue. But at least this movie has snow, which is one of the huge things that make it seem like Christmas to me.

The story for this addition to the Die Hard movies is a bit further fetched than the original, but I think that’s where it draws at least some of its entertainment value. There’s a lot more action, the fight scenes are bigger and there’s a lot more shooting. I’m not really sure what else to say about this movie other than it’s a good movie for when you just want lots of action and snow. He kills a guy with an ice pick through the eye. It’s festive 🙂

Overall, this is obviously another three on my rating scale. Sometimes, you just need a good action movie to help celebrate the holidays.

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