Book Review: Skin Game by Jim Butcher

Yesterday, I started and finished Skin Game (Urban Fantasy 454 pages) by Jim Butcher, which is the next book in the Dresden Files series.

It’s been quite some time since I read the previous books in this series and it’s getting to the point where things are often referenced that I’m not entirely certain I remember. There were at least two characters or situations that were referenced that I didn’t remember at all. I’m thinking that I’m going to need to have a Dresden Files book marathon at some point where I just read all the books in the series in order as close together as possible. I’m not entirely certain when I’m likely to have time to do that, but I’m sure it will happen at some point.

As always with the Dresden Files, this book contained some very amusing moments and some very amusing dialogue. Unfortunately, this book is such that any of the amusing moments I might mention would ruin the story and provide far too many spoilers for people who haven’t read the novel and want to be surprised. Needless to say, they are there and quite amusing.

I’m happy to say that Harry does actually appear to be getting smarter in a lot of ways and he does the best he can with the limitations he’s always given. Harry is doing a lot better job in these books of showing that he might have actually learned some things and been paying attention to the way the people in power tend to conduct business, which makes me appreciate his character arch from the beginning of the series to now.

Overall, I’d say this book is a pretty solid three on my rating scale. I can’t really go into details about the best parts of the book and some of my overarching thoughts about the characters and storyline without giving away massive spoilers, and I’m not willing to do that at the current time.

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