Movie Review: Die Hard With a Vengeance

It appears to me as though someone at the television networks has the same idea about holiday movies as I do, as they are running a Die Hard marathon and it just happens that I turned it on right at the beginning of Die Hard With a Vengeance.

I think one of the things that sticks out the most with me about this movie is the soundtrack. It starts out with Summer in the City by the Lovin Spoonful and it sets the mood for the movie. You’ve got a hot summer day with the traffic flowing and then *boom* a giant bomb goes off. So it’s a nice, slow start to the movie and the action only continues from there.

It’s difficult to watch this movie and not have a look at racism in America, which this movie brings up rather intensely. John has to work with Zeus in order to solve multiple riddles throughout the movie to try to prevent bombs from exploding all over New York. While John is playing the first of Simon’s games by walking down the streets of Harlem with a very inappropriate sign, Zeus approaches him very politely and asks several questions about how he’s feeling and John has to explain to him that he’s got a headache and that he’s a cop. Zeus saves John because he stopped a white cop from getting killed in Harlem, which would only bring more white cops to that area.

John: “You don’t like me because I’m white. You’re a racist.”

Zeus: “I don’t like you because you’re going to get me killed.”

John and Zeus interact in a very amusing way and both of them are working to save as many people as they can, which is admirable. I like that Zeus has a very valid reason for knowing how to pick locks and hot wire cars – he’s a locksmith and an electrician and that’s a very difficult occupation. Zeus is the one who solves all of the riddles and he does it quickly and without errors and I thought that was great. The water fountain riddle still makes me confused about the math and I’m positive that someday, I will go through and actually learn the math that solved that riddle.

As with all of the Die Hard movies, this one also contained a fair share of excellent dialogue and one-liners. Even the bad guys had some really noteworthy comments, such as Simon near the end of the movie where he says, “Of course not. I’m a Soldier, not a monster. Though, sometimes I work for monsters.” And that is a remarkably true statement.

Overall, this is another three on my rating scale. I thought it was an excellent addition to the Die Hard movies and one I’m glad I own.

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