Goals for 2015

So just like last year, I’m going to post my goals for the coming year.

1) Read 60 books and write reviews for all of them. And it doesn’t count if I don’t post a review. Quantifiable 🙂

2) Write ONE movie review per week.

3) Rebuild and reorganize at least 3,650 songs from what I lost on my last laptop.

4) Complete at least half (40,000 words) of Surveyors.

5) Participate and win NaNoWriMo in 2015.

6) Draw and color at least ONE full size pattern *or* finish and frame the Giant Awesome Pattern.

7) Do at least five minutes of upper body and abdominal workouts everyday, plus a minimum of 20 miles on the seated stationary bicycle per week.

8) Submit at least five things for publication. This can include short stories, novels, poems, or articles.

9) Attend one cultural event or location per month. Things like historic sites, musical concerts, plays, comedy clubs, etc., in order to increase my knowledge and awareness of things that are bigger than me and things that will hopefully encourage my mind to work.

10) Spend at least two hours with Adventure Buddy.

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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