Movie Review: the Legend of Korra Book Three: Change

I recently picked up the entire Legend of Korra series because I’d read so many good reviews about the series as a whole. So while I might have purchased them a long time ago, I only recently started taking the time to watch these. Obviously, I started with the Legend of Korra: Book One: Air, and then I moved on to the Legend of Korra: Book Two: Spirits, and then I watched the Legend of Korra: Book Three: Change today.

“As the world enters a new age where spirits and mankind coexist, Book 3: Change reveals the exciting discovery of new Airbenders! But while Korra makes it her mission to find them and rebuild the Air Nation, a group of dangerous criminals embarks on a mission of their own.”

The third season of this series has thirteen episodes, a Breath of Fresh Air, Rebirth, the Earth Queen, In Harm’s Way, the Metal Clan, Old Wounds, Original Airbenders, the Terror Within, the Stakeout, Long Live the Queen, the Ultimatum, Enter the Void, and Venom of the Red Lotus.

I think this season is my favorite so far. The season starts out with Asami trying to teach Korra how to drive, which works out just about as well as you would think. Korra still isn’t very good at driving and her driving lesson is highly amusing, especially the parts about her attempting to use the clutch.

This season messes with my feels on a really extensive level. There were so many times when I actually attempted to interact with the show, having a variety of comments about how so many of the situations some of the characters got involved in were truly sad and unfortunate.

There are so many characters and heroes in this season, from the metal benders operating as a police force and assault task force to the members of Bolin and Mako’s family, that it makes this whole series such a rich world-building experience. There are cute spirits, floating bison, really neat hang gliding things, a giant sand shark, a couple of funny fans for Bolin, and so many other details that make this such an amazing story.

I can think of no way to discuss this season without giving away major spoilers, so I’m just going to say that this is definitely a four on my rating scale, maybe even a high four or low five. This is a fantastic season. I’m very happy I own it and will definitely watch it again.

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