Movie Review: Gravity

Tonight, I watched Gravity. This was that one space movie with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney where some debris hits a group of astronauts while they are performing repairs on the Hubble Telescope and things go wrong from there.

I think this review is going to have a lot of spoilers in it so if you haven’t seen the movie and you want to be surprised by what happens, I suggest you stop reading.

This movie had some very tense scenes and also some really beautiful shots both of Earth and of space. The music and sometimes lack thereof added to the tension.

I guess one of the questions that really stuck with me throughout the entire movie is that Mission Specialist Ryan Stone spends the movie going from one human habitat to the next and never encounters any other people. In the first instance, with the Hubble Telescope and their own shuttle, which I think was Explorer, this makes sense because the debris hits them while they’re conducting repairs and none of them are prepared for it. We see the dead bodies and we see the level of destruction the debris field creates.

But then Ryan and Matt go from the wreckage of the Explorer to the International Space Station, and there isn’t anyone there, either. There are no bodies and no other communications. Matt explains this a little bit by saying that it looked like one or two of the escape pods had been deployed.

Ryan then goes from the wreckage of the International Space Station to the Chinese space station, which also has no people on it, no sign of life, and no bodies. I think it was really weird that there were no people in two of the stations.

Moving on …

This wasn’t really a very happy movie. A lot of stuff in space gets destroyed on a massive level and a lot of people die. I think the end is actually fairly balanced because Ryan realized that there were really only two outcomes possible for her at the worst of her day – one is that she would live through the experience with a really great story and the other where she would die and no one would even really know how. I liked how Ryan vocalized this and then flat out said that either option would work out completely fine because she was good either way. That’s a very interesting point of your life to get to – where you understand that things are out of your control and you’re just going to roll with it for whichever direction it takes.

Overall, I’d probably only rate this movie as a two on my rating scale. I’m unlikely to want to buy it or watch it again on my own, but if someone else was watching it, I might rewatch it with them.

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