Book Review: Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris

It’s actually been more than a week since I read Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris. This was a book I found on the shelves in the house of free books. I know that I’ve read a good portion of the books in this series and I couldn’t remember which was the last one that I bought and read so I figured I’d read this one and see if it was familiar, which it really wasn’t. I’m not sure that I have very much to say about this book, and it’s pretty much the middle of the night for me right now, so this is probably going to be a fairly short entry.

This book was not a very fast-paced book and there wasn’t much action in it. Things apparently went really badly for Sookie in the last book and this was very much a recovery book where she was working to get her feet back under her. I guess I appreciated the book in a lot of ways because it showed that not everything always goes the way you would hope and that even when you go through the absolute worst time, things can still get better. As much as Sookie went through, she still maintained who she is, she didn’t give up, and she kept working through things the best way she could. It was a good look at how to keep moving forward after mass trauma and definitely helped show that the world isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean you get to give up and stop trying to make things better.

Overall, I’d probably rate this book as a high two on my rating scale. As much as I related to the book, it’s not really a “brain candy” story that I could read repeatedly.

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