Movie Review: Deadpool

I went out and saw Deadpool for the first showing at the giant, super nice theater nearby today and I am absolutely glad I did. This movie was probably the most I’ve laughed during any movie in a really long time and I was honestly not expecting to enjoy the movie as much as I did.

The first thing you need to know about this movie is that it is rated R for a reason. Actually, it’s rated R for a lot of reasons. It’s a Deadpool movie. And, oddly, it’s actually a Deadpool movie that stays true to the character and is a very accurate representation of Deadpool. I was honestly surprised at how well this movie did in staying true to the character. But that character is a loud-mouthed mercenary who uses a lot of vulgar expressions and provides a fantastic selection of graphic descriptions of things some people might consider inappropriate or gross. You’ve been warned. And if you think you’re getting anything other than that in a Deadpool movie, I’m not really sure what kind of character you think Deadpool would be.

From the very first opening scene with the credits, I laughed. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet, I strongly encourage you to actually pay attention to the opening credits because they are not at all what you would expect from any sort of opening in a movie. The way the opening credits were done made me laugh throughout the entire beginning scene.

I also enjoyed the music and the slow-motion action at the beginning of the movie. The music throughout the movie was definitely a positive addition and made me laugh even more during the movie. The music was obviously used with purpose and it added to the mood for many of the scenes.

I think the parts of the movie that made me laugh the most involved all of the puns and references to Ryan Reynolds and the live-action Green Lantern movie. Wade Wilson even specifically requests that when his super hero costume is being created that it not be green or animated. There was also a scene with a Green Lantern comic book card which made me laugh. And multiple references to Wolverine and the movies which Deadpool showed up in that ruined the character before this movie. This movie has so many sidebar jokes and references that I was highly amused at places I don’t think many people in our sold-out theater for the showing of this movie understood. That didn’t stop me from getting the jokes and laughing, though. Because, really, when don’t I do my own thing?

What else can I say about the movie? It was violent and hilarious and still had a good storyline and fun characters. The only thing in the movie that I will probably remain 50/50 on is the portrayal of my all-time favorite comic book character (who is not Deadpool, but who makes a guest appearance in the movie). I am seriously uncertain if I think that was an accurate or adequate representation of my favorite character, but I will admit that the role was accomplished nicely for this movie. I just don’t think it showed the best aspects of my favorite character.

I’d say this movie is easily a four on my rating scale, as I’m happy I paid for us to see it and I also suspect that I will purchase the movie when it comes out.

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