Hanging a Tapestry

TapestryA long time ago, I designed and commissioned a Giant Awesome Blanket. While the blanket is unlikely to ever go to the individual it was commissioned for, the fabric is absolutely beautiful and the blanket wound up being really amazing. I decided to hang it as a tapestry in my library behind the couch.

If you’re curious about how to hang tapestries from the wall without having to use nails or tacks, I found a really useful video on YouTube that basically shows you how to use clothespins and adhesive strips, allowing you to hang the tapestry without putting holes in your walls or your tapestry.

Things change all throughout our lives. Most of the time, we’re never really ready for the most influential and challenging events in our lives. We’re never really ready when we meet those who will change everything about our entire lives. Mistakes are made, miscommunication causes confusion, and sometimes you just flat out do the wrong thing. You try and apologize and make things worse.

I haven’t been on speaking terms, nor have I seen or heard anything, with the person I intended as the original recipient of this blanket. I hope that their life is filled with happiness, laughter, friendship, love, joy, and everything that makes life worth living. I also hope that someday, our friendship will be given another chance. That’s a hope that I keep in my life. At the same time, though, I understand now that what I did was wrong and I am sorry for my actions. I am the villain of that story and I acknowledge and understand why.

That’s just how life is and that’s part of being human. 2014 was easily the hardest year of my entire life, but because of everything that happened, my entire life changed. I learned a lot about what it means to be a friend and a lot about interpersonal relationships. I switched positions at work and even rearranged my apartment. I’m now solidly climbing 5.9 walls and am getting ready to start work on learning how to lead climb with the intent of doing an outdoor climbing excursion sometime in the near future. I interact with a lot of different people and I help people when I can. I started work on a series of novels I’m really excited about and things in my life are generally pretty good.

I’ve commissioned a lot of artwork in the last several years, from giant blue dragons to blue lantern symbols to this blanket and even to music. What I’ve learned through this process and what I’ve learned in the last several years is that art is worth supporting, dreams are worth following, everything happens for a reason, and eventually things that caused you hurt can turn into happy memories.

And always, always, always be thankful for everything and everyone you have in your life. Thank you for reading this and for being in my life, whether I know you or not.

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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