Book Review: How to Train Your Dragon Book 6: A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons by Cressida Cowell

I’m still catching up on writing reviews from books I finished a month or more ago. I think I read How to Train Your Dragon 06: A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons (Young Adult 177 pages with 56 pages of additional appendixes) by Cressida Cowell on 06 July 2016. So obviously, it’s been a bit between when I read this book and when I’m writing the review, but I think this is the last book that I have left from my pile of books I’ve read but not written the review for.

“To save his dragon, Toothless, from being banished, Hiccup must sneak into the Meathead Public Library and steal the Vikings’ most sacred book. The Vikings keep books locked up and heavily guarded. So to save his friend, Hiccup must brave the Hairy Scary Librarian, a dreadful army of Meathead Warriors, and the formidable Driller Dragons. Will Hiccup live to see his next birthday?”

Admittedly, I saw the movies before I started reading the books so my opinion of the books is often influenced by the movies. For this book, as an example, with all of the different statistics on dragons in hand-drawn sketches and information, I kept thinking about how Fishlegs in the movies would constantly spout off the categories, strengths, weaknesses, and special features of all of the dragons encountered by the Viking youth. This amused me greatly and is definitely a solid link between the movies and the books that made me smile.

I really appreciate the concept of how the library is so heavily guarded because of what happens when people start reading books and gaining knowledge.

This is going to be a super short review because I need to head to work. Overall, I’d say this was a good addition to the How to Train Your Dragon series and I think that it would probably be a low three or a high two on my rating scale. The series as a whole makes for good books to read while I’m on the stationary bike at the gym but I also accept that I am not the intended target audience. This book also functions as a very good reference for the different dragons in the series.

Cowell, Cressida. How to Train Your Dragon: A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons. New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2007.

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