Movie Review: Legally Blonde

So it’s been a really, really long time since I saw this movie, but I decided to watch Legally Blonde while doing some chores around my apartment.

“Elle Woods is a California blonde with couture clothes, fabulous friends and the hottest boyfriend on campus. So when Warner Huntington III suddenly dumps her and heads for Harvard Law School, Elle takes matters into her own perfectly manicured hands. She enrolls too! Now getting Warner back should be a snap, right? Wrong! Elle’s about to begin the toughest fight of her life – for love, honor, justice and respect for blondes everywhere!”

There are a lot of reasons why this movie didn’t appeal to me when it first came out and I was younger. I guess one of those reasons is that I was younger and I allowed the stereotypes and other people’s opinions to influence my tastes.

One of the best parts about this movie is all the support that they all give each other. Elle decided she’s going to go to Harvard Law and her counselor just says, okay, well, you need great recommendations from your professors, at least a 175 on your LSATs, and a great letter. Her counselor doesn’t say Elle can’t do it, her counselor just tells her what she needs to do in order to be successful. Elle then enlists her sorority house to help her study. She does nothing but study the entire time, while she’s on the elliptical, instead of partying, while she’s getting her nails done, whenever she can. Her studying pays off when she gets a 179 on her LSATs and is admitted to Harvard Law.

The day that the results of her LSATs arrive at the sorority house, the whole house celebrates with her, showing that the success of one is the success of many. They are supportive of her, even though they don’t necessarily understand her decision to go to Harvard Law. Her friends and her sorority house support her when Warner breaks up with her and they support her through her decisions during the entire movie.

Elle is actually very respectful of the people she encounters throughout the movie. I can’t think of any time when she is purposefully hurtful or disrespectful of anyone else. She accepts everyone exactly as they are and she offers suggestions to make people healthier.

I also liked how this movie showed that sometimes, first impressions are not always correct. When you first see Elle, you think that she’s a stereotypical rich blonde but she’s actually dedicated and smart. She takes the time to learn what she needs to learn and also is a person of integrity by not violating the trust of her client. When Elle first meets Vivian, they don’t get along and they work to show-up or embarrass each other, but as the movie progresses, they start learning to work together and to become friends.

Overall, I’d say this movie is a low three on my rating scale. I’m glad I have a copy of it now so I can watch it whenever I need a supportive, feel-good movie, but I don’t think it’ll be a movie that I could or would watch repeatedly.

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1 Response to Movie Review: Legally Blonde

  1. enniyaya says:

    I respect your feelings about this cult favorite. I love this movie. It makes me want to work as hard as her and have a sunny disposition and optimistic outlook. That’s just not me but it’s nice to see that in her. I really enjoyed your points in this article 🙂 you highlighted the aspects I like about the movie and characters.

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