Movie Review: Atlantis the Lost Empire

“A young adventurer named Milo Thatch joins an intrepid group of explorers to find the mysterious lost continent of Atlantis.”

Atlantis: the Lost Empire is another of those movies I was introduced to because of someone who meant the world to me, though I did not watch this at that time, it was listed as a movie I should watch. Tonight, while sorting some files, I decided to keep making a dent of the list of movies I haven’t seen.

Milo is your typical scholar who spends all his time studying his passion. He doesn’t interact very well with the “outside” world and works in the basement with the boiler and that is the only part of his job that the university appreciates, as they certainly don’t appreciate his knowledge and desire for understanding. I really liked that his knowledge was useful and important in helping to save Atlantis.

This movie is actually really, really good and I’m glad I watched it. The cast is remarkably diverse. Audrey, the chief mechanic, is a teenage woman who said that her father wanted two boys, one to run the shop and one to be the middle-weight champion, and she was the one who got the shop. She is on the expedition to save up enough money to buy another shop. She isn’t white or thin and she is interesting.

Then there’s Dr. Joshua Strongbear Sweet, who is a very well-muscled doctor, which seems like contradictory things, but he’s a really nice guy and a great character. The demolition expert who grew up in a family of florists, the mole who is an expert on dirt and geology, and the military personnel who make the expedition go forward.

Princess “Kida” Kidagakash is a fantastic representative of a true princess; someone who thinks first of her people and taking care of them. Her only thoughts are providing actual life for her people, in the sense of keeping their culture alive and thriving, not just surviving and making ends meet. She doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice herself when her city requires it. She’s adventurous, smart, and caring. She takes the travelers in and shows Milo around. He helps her translate the murals and shows her the history of her people.

Overall, this movie is a solid three on my rating scale. I need to officially add this movie to my collection so that I can watch it whenever I wish. It’s a good movie with a lot of really interesting characters and an intriguing story.

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