Movie Review: Thor: the Dark World

In preparation to see Thor: Ragnarök, I watched Thor: the Dark World, as I had not seen it yet.

“When Dr. Jane Foster gets cursed with a powerful entity known as the Aether, Thor is heralded of the cosmic event known as the Convergence and the genocidal Dark Elves.”

I’m not really sure what to say about this movie, which usually doesn’t bode well for my thoughts on a movie. I mean, I guess the movie was okay for what it was but the entire concept was kind of ridiculous and didn’t really fit with the Marvel world-building for the other movies so far. I get that Thor is an Asgardian and their world is vastly different, which means this movie didn’t necessarily need to fit into Marvel’s current storylines, but it still felt incongruent.

I also feel as though the characters could have made a bunch of much better decisions about the way things went. Jane gets teleported to a random, very dark and unpleasant cave and her first scientific instinct is to go and touch the creepy looking thing? You would think that as a scientist, she would want the proper equipment so as to not contaminate whatever was going on, or even that she would want to find out how to get back where she came from as a first priority. Science is about exploring the unknown, but if you don’t know how the unknown is happening and you can’t replicate it, it’s not really science. Science is about understanding the world, so yes, there is a certain level of exploration, but it’s usually done in a way that can be proven or disproven later.

What did Erik’s lack of pants have to do with anything? There was absolutely zero reason for him to have a thing against pants except if they were trying to use his experiences with being mind-controlled by Loki in the Avengers as a show of mental trauma, which is a horrible thing to do as it makes fun of people who have experienced really crappy life events which have potentially given them bad coping mechanisms. I think they probably thought they were being funny by using this example but it really just came off to me as being heartless and cruel and it seriously served zero point in the story.

Why, exactly, did Frigga, one of Asgard’s most beloved fighters, get killed? Oh. Right. It’s because male Hollywood writers feel that all women of value must be broken or killed because heaven forbid women are able to do something other than be motivation for the male characters, and usually that motivation is revenge or grief-based on the loss of someone who only mattered because they were killed.

Which then brings me to Sif. Why does Odin keep trying to hook Sif up with Thor? Maybe Sif doesn’t want or need to be arm candy to some prince. Maybe Sif is happy out battling Asgard’s enemies and a relationship would only tie her down, especially a relationship to Odin’s son and all the baggage that goes with it.

Why must every woman in every movie ever always be some sort of love interest for someone? Even Darcy has to have a love interest. But we don’t see old Erik running around, finding love interests everywhere. The everyone must be a love interest thing appears to only apply to women. Because OF COURSE women are only there to be someone’s love interest. What other purpose could women serve?


So overall, I’d definitely rate this movie as a very low two or even a one on my rating scale. I may or may not watch it again if someone else was already watching it and I certainly have no desire to own or watch this movie ever again on my own.

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