Aries Biggest Fears

Being trapped, or restrained. Having their flaws/weakness
pointed out publicly. Feeling like they
don’t matter.

Taurus Biggest Fears

Loving someone more than they are loved. Not having the
necessities to have a comfortable life (esp. finances). Unexpected changes
disrupting the completion of plans/goals

Gemini Biggest Fears

Feeling trapped, or losing their freedom. Being locked in
inactivity. Not finding the person they feel could complete them.

Cancer Biggest Fears

Having to let go of something or someone they care about. Being
taken advantage of by someone they try to help. Feeling unloved and/or alone.

Leo Biggest Fears

Public humiliation. Experiencing disloyalty from their
significant other. not mattering to those who matter to them.

Virgo’s Biggest Fears

Letting someone too close, too quick. Feeling useless, or
unhelpful in the lives of their loved ones. Not being able to compensate for
their own shortcomings.

Libra Biggest Fears

Dying alone. Being disliked by those they care about most. Their
life being unbalanced, and not being able to fix it.

Scorpio Biggest Fear

People discovering how sensitive they truly are. Being
betrayed by someone they care about. Not being able to see the truth.

Sagittarius Biggest Fear

Making a commitment that inhibits their freedom. Forgiving
someone, only to be hurt again. Being trapped, pinned down, or otherwise
prevented from pursuing their goals

Capricorn Biggest Fears

Not being able to meet their goals. Being embarrassed in
front of people they want to impress. Not impacting the world in some way.

Aquarius Biggest Fears

Not having room to be as independent and unique as they like.
Being replaced or rejected. Blending in with the crowd/feeling insignificant.

Pisces Biggest Fears

Being rejected. Never being loved/being alone. Not being
able to help their loved ones.

[This pertains to the raw Zodiac Signs themselves; you may relate to the description that matches your Sun Sign, and also check out your Saturn, Neptune, 12th House, and 8th House!]

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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