Sunshine Alexander – Raven the Pirate Princess



If there is such a thing as a “fan favorite” in “Raven: Pirate Princess” it’s Sunshine Alexander.

We first meet Sunshine when she appears to be a lost and confused young woman who bumps into Raven and needs her help.

She exposes our Pirate Princess for the big softy she is off the bat.  Raven on has a few dollars to her name, but this poor girl seems so upset and confused that she can’t help but be nice to her.  And, as it turns out, Sunshine gives her a little something for her troubles.

Aaaand…takes a little something too.

But as Raven gives chase, it turns out their propensity for kissing beautiful women is not the only thing Raven and Sunshine have in common.

Sunshine is incredibly dexterous and gives Raven one heck of a chase.  They are also both very talented fighters.

Who work very well together.  Well…

for a while anyway.

But, of course, Sunshine doesn’t know who Raven is or what she’s about.  And once she knows that Raven is the rightful heir to the great Xingtao pirate fleet on a quest for revenge, her feelings toward Raven change a bit.

And finally, we get to learn a bit more about her.

As it turns out, Sunshine is half human and half elf.  This is a very unlikely combination in this world.  Even though there are a number of different factions of elves in the world, none of them are particularly friendly with humans.  So half elves are particularly rare.  How it works in Sunshine’s case is…well, I’ll let her tell you.

Sunshine, as she says, is both fast, dexterous, and tall.  Which not only make for a talented thief, but she’s also quite a gifted–


Yeah, and about that “looks” part:

Raven obviously agrees.

But as we’ve established, Sunshine is a very charismatic thief

So, is she just working Raven toward some greater goal? Or…does she have some other motivation?

And if there were any doubt about that, here’s the thing about Sunshine.  She grew up in the desert and has never been on a ship in her life, which means two things for her when it comes to following Raven out to sea.

Sunshine gets incredibly seasick and…

Sunshine is literally in over her head for Raven.

But that’s okay, Sunshine has her own set of skills.

So, whenever you’re ready

Come dance with Sunshine

and the rest of Raven’s pirate crew.  Just a word of advice…

Keep one hand on your wallet.

There are four volumes out right now and one available for pre-order, so check it out physically at your local comic shop or

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Come get to know the best half-elf out there ❤ 

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