if you’re a baby gay and this is your first pride, watch your drinks! men are trash across all sexualities

I know boys don’t get these talks so let me clarify:

This doesn’t just mean alcohol

Don’t accept any open drinks

After you get your unopened drink, you keep it in your site

You have to go to the bathroom so you leave your drink on a table? That drink is now dead to you.

You’ve been holding your drink way low out of your eyesight and people are crowding? That drink is now suspect.

Stay safe, babies

Also: Rohypnol (a date rape drug) tastes VERY SALTY. If your drink is suddenly salty, STOP DRINKING IMMEDIATELY. 

Buddy system, y’all. If your friend is acting *way* drunker than they should, take them to an Urgent Care or ER. Date rape drugs can kill you.

always rb

rb for the advice

And not just the boys, but girls too.

Just because you’re in a bar or club with only other women does not mean you are inherently safe.

My best friend got drugged by a girl in an all female bar and was almost raped in the bathroom.

Always remember to be careful.

Alllll of this. I’ve seen some shit at pride man… Be safe

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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