so I had an idea for a regency romance novel that I really want to read but it doesn’t seem to exist so now I guess I have to write it

and after brainstorming with @romancingthebookworm for a bit she suggested that I post about it to try to drum up interest and keep myself accountable while I write it so here goes:

an older duke/earl/whatever it doesn’t matter and his (teenage? 20-something?) son are killed in a freak accident outside of London and their bodies are disfigured beyond recognition. the son’s twin sister, in a desperate attempt to keep her family title out of the hands of a distant relative who for whatever reason is unsuitable, claims that she was the one who was killed, and takes her brother’s place and her father’s title

everything is going swimmingly for a couple of years, although eventually she knows that she’s going to have to find SOME way to continue her family line, until FEELINGS for another young lady threaten to put everything at risk

meanwhile, the girl she’s fallen for has gotten herself “in trouble,” if you know what I mean and is on the verge of scandal, herself

the two eventually each reveal their secrets to each other and strike a bargain, which they initially tell themselves is a marriage of convenience to protect both their names, but of course eventually LESBIANS. or really, LESBIAN/BISEXUAL, which is even more exciting to me.



HELLO if you are still interested: Any Other Name will be available May 24!

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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