Do you know of any good novels with asexual characters?


This is just a list of books of the top of my head that I read and not meant to the end all be all for what is a good novel. If you want a complete list of aces in novels that I know of the list is here.

Hello World  – This book is mine, but it’s been well reviewed so I feel I’m allowed to include it. If you want an own voices, adult sci-fi, and cyberpunk that is lead by disabled queer people this series is for you.

How To Be A Normal Person – This is a new adult romance that features a m/m pairing with an ace hipster stoner. It’s written by an ace and features a protag who lives in a small town. It’s really funny, and sweet. Also getting a book two soon which I’m very excited for. 

Chameleon Moon – If you are a fan of things with a big cast, you’ll want to try out this series. Things are quite bad for everyone, but there’s even more hope and family. 

Island of Exiles –  When I started reading largely ace books a couple years ago I noticed a style difference and this one is has the missing vibe I used to read all the time. Big cast, mystery, and teens who gotta save their world. 

We Awaken – An interracial f/f ace romance set against the protag’s strange dreams about loss. Among my favorite things about this book is most give you an ace coming out story or an ace who knows who they are. This has both! It’s also among the few stories that shows aces dating aces. Like everything mentioned in this post also own voices.

A Word and A Bullet – This stand alone is technically a book two. It’s a post-apocalyptic story that doesn’t ever feel like a chore, and also quite funny a times. 

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