How To Wash Your Binder!

Hey everyone, just wanted to make this is show y’all how I wash my binder and as a reminder to wash your binder!

So first off, I like to wash my binders every third day (unless it was really hot that day or if I spilled something on it, then I wash it that day)

So first I fill the sink up with warm water and put my binders in the water. Then I like to let them just soak in the water for a few minutes!

So next I use a Landry cleaner and softener

I keep them in small tubs cause I don’t need the whole bottle.

Now I leave them to soak for a couple minutes

Now I’m using dove body wash to make it smell nice and feel a lot softer

Now I let that soak for a moment

After I scrub them I drain the warm water

And then rinse them off with cold water

If any of your water turns a weird color do not worry! It’s not because it dirty, it’s just the dye!

Then I squeeze them out the best I can by hand and then I leave them to hang like this for the night!

Hope this was helpful!?

To my trans followers.

Just in case I have any followers who would be helped by this

@poisonedapples !!


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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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