ok but like when did self-sacrifice become synonymous with death? writers seem to have forgotten that people can make personal sacrifices for the greater good without giving their lives. plots about self-sacrifice and selflessness don’t always have to end in death. suffering doesn’t have to be mourning. you can create drama and emotional depth on your show without killing everyone. learn to explore the meaning of living rather than dying

Death. Is. NOT. The. Only. Way. To. Advance. The. Narrative.

Fun things to sacrifice for your loved ones in your free time that don’t include death and actually set up for a whole new season of high level drama:

– humanity (mostly applicable to sci-fi/supernatural genre)
– memories (mostly applicable to sci-fi/supernatural genre)
– love for that special someone (mostly applicable to sci-fi/supernatural genre)
– emotions (mostly applicable to sci-fi/supernatural genre)
– rank/position/
– yourself/your brain/your skills (give yourself over to bad guys and become their brainwashed agent so your loved ones live)
– years of bloody ruthless traditions to make way for peace (hi lexa and fuck jroth tbh)
– freedom (includes that of speech/mind/will)
– your grandpa’s fortune
– hell even material possessions have that girl sacrifice her goddamn house so they can pay off her gf’s student loans or whatever juST STOP KILLING CHARACTERS TO FURTHER YOUR PLOT

Other things to sacrifice:

– your most sought-after goal

– a strongly-held belief or conviction

– your own chance at happiness

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