mmk i’ve got v few followers but i’m hoping this helps at least one person so here I go.

Apple is coming out with something called ““Apple screentime” which will basically allow your parents to see what apps you use when and set restrictions and shit for when you can use what apps. If you are in a situation where you have apps or social media’s or really anything you don’t/can’t have your parents know about DELETE THAT SHIT before September 1st when this comes out. This works through the ““family sharing” shit on your iCloud account so if you can either leave your “family” or use a different Apple ID  or something. 

If you can’t do that, I personally access Tumblr and discord and YouTube and everything else through my laptop and the Pinterest web browser (yes that’s a thing) so if that’s an option for any of you out there join me. 

This may sound hella dumb to some people but like my parents would LOSE THEIR SHIT and ground me if they knew I had tumblr or really anything and that’s the only thing keeping me alive tbh so just be safe out there kiddos. 

I just googled this and it’s true holy shit

Oh my fucking god. Oh my god. I can’t let my parents find out about that shit or see my shit. I’d be outed immediately bhhbbbjdjd

The same for me.. I’m going to have to delete the mobile app and just use my computer because I don’t trust them to not limit me using Pinterest to get on here

My laptop is utterly useless so I have n o clue what I’m gonna do sjfjdjfjd

Guys, please, I don’t want you getting into trouble

I love you all STAY SAFE

I have some very important news!

I decided to find out more, and it is possible to hide apps from Family Sharing without deleting them! Apple themselves said how to do it, here you go:

Stay safe you guys.


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