Literally though this is SO ignored, even that book “The Knowledge” which is supposed to be all about how to accelerate the reboot process if civilisation collapses,
the entire subject of clothing production
from fibre sources to weaving

is given less than six pages (of 288),
and pretty much all it has to say (less than a page) on the vital matter of spinning is “did u kno spinning wheels are a thing; Da Vinci invented the spinning flyer and it’s really cool it’s so cool and Da Vinci is cool; you can make rope”

Like ok buddy, good luck with that.
Spinning wheels have a lot of parts and break easily,

and spinning

on a wheel is actually a specialist skill that has to be learned & practiced, so even if you do miraculously find one laying around in full working order after the apocalypse, good luck figuring out how to use and maintain it.
Good luck figuring out which whorls and bobbins to use and when and why. Good luck figuring out how to
adjust the band

or lace the flyer to control tension and gauge. Good luck with your shitty unset, unplied, uneven

yarn that you can’t even use because you ignored knitting and crochet. Good luck weaving your unset, unblocked handspun. Good luck with your weak, shitty rope. Sure glad you used that pagespace to tell us how the spinning flyer was one of the few of Da Vinci’s inventions that were implemented during his lifetime, instead of explaining how to set & block spun fibre to make it usable. That’ll keep you warm.
Godspeed you naked dumbass.

Never forget the episode of Naked & Afraid where the girl knew how to weave grass into a hat and outfit and the man just got horrible sunburns all over his body.

LISTEN the best fucking resource I have EVER gotten (and I got it on accident when my grandma was gonna hand it off to the thrift shop) is Reader’s Digest: Back to Basics. It not only boasts detailed instructions on how to twist yarn and weave on a loom, it covers basically everything else too. Building houses, raising animals and growing vegetables, canning/preservation, various handcrafts, even recreation. Basically everything you’d need to know for long-term survival, which is something a LOT of people overlook.

Reasons why I built my own loom and taught myself to weave and realised that this is a fucking useless skill (for me) unless an apocalypse happens because it takes too fucking long, but I can do it, so hit me up when it happens for some poorly woven fabrics.

You were already on the invite list for my hypothetical apocalypse bunker for your allotmenting skills, but you’ve just secured your place with the ability to build a frigging loom.

I can make items of clothing once I have fabric but I have no clue about getting to the fabric stage.

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