Sometimes when I go hundreds pages deep into people’s Tumblr archives, I find really funny posts and I weigh the pros and cons of liking/reblogging them.

Pros: I’ll have access to them later because they’re fucking hilarious

Cons: They might think I’m creepy. Despite the fact that it’s public and on the Internet, it is not socially acceptable to let anyone know the extent that you creeped their archives.

I hereby extend blanket permission for anyone to creep on my archive, and to like and reblog posts from it if they want to. It’s really quite flattering.

I notice this happening sometimes, and it always makes my day. Creep away!

Hey dorks: if you reblog something from that deep in my archive, my first assumption is not going to be that you were backreading. I’m going to assume that you saw that post reblogged somewhere else with a dumb comment on it, so you went up the reblog chain to grab it from someone who didn’t have some stupid shit to say. Which is if I notice how old that post is at all. I barely remember what I reblogged last week. Year+ old posts could have happened anywhere from 6 months ago to 5 years ago.

Creep away! Creep away. And then, tell me your secrets of how the hell you found this one random post from five years ago and why you reblogged only that one!

Seriously, though, I judge you not.

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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