Tom Holland does Rihanna’s “Umbrella” on Lip Sync Battle

I’m literally zendaya reacting like he didn’t have to go that hard and yet..

every time i watch this when the reveal hits and he starts dancing i’m like “oh ok that ain’t a big deal he’s just another celeb doing a gimmick” but somehow by the end of this video without fail i am filled with respect for him and zendaya for being like…a powerful gen z couple who both give off chaotic bisexual vibes 

i think it’s the irreverence with which he splashes the water 

that was a classic that was a classic

It’s a good time to remember that Tom Holland is a trained dancer and that initself is a gift

He’s trained in ballet, too, which is what makes this even funnier. I saw a video (also with Zendaya in it) of him doing like, fifteen fouettes in someone’s basement. GET A MAN WHO CAN DO BOTH.


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