That’s your friendly reminder that MCU cast loves Robert Downey Jr, a man who constantly reassure them and helps them, helped Chris Evans with his anxiety more than once and still does, helped him when he was unsure of he should sign or not such big contract with marvel. Reminder that all actors and actresses talks how nervous they were about to meet him and work with him, he was nice and sweet and always gives them advices and makes them feel at easy. Reminder that Robert is openly affectioned with all of them, hugging and kissing and let them knows Robert loves them. Reminder Robert likes to invite his co-workers to have dinner with him and always make sure to ask about allergies and nos beforehand. Reminder that Tom Holland said Robert even with how big his name is, doesn’t let it go over his head and is professional and always arrives earlier and works hard. Reminder that Robert talked marvel into paying more to his coworkers like they deserved. Reminder that there’s a reason everyone is so grateful and talks so much good things about him and is because he is genuinely nice and is a huge father figure to most of them and clearly is there if they need him.

He also helped evans with his arm injury after the helicopter scene

Just to add on here: He has called his costars in his own time to congratulate them on side projects they have done and he has seen and liked. He also does this with his employees that leave to go do something else, and if he sees what great work you have done, he’ll call you and tell you how much he loved it (ie proof is when he called Tom Holland during an interview to congratulate him on Spider-man Homecoming). He doesn’t have to do this, and with his schedule he pretty much probably doesn’t have the time to do so, but he still does it anyways because he cares about his friends’ projects, movies, etc.

I was always impressed by the fact that despite struggling with severe problems for a long while, he always remained very dedicated and professional on set. I don’t care so much about the work ethics itself but for the fact that I believe this was due to him having respect for other people- for their time, energy and needs. He wouldn’t want to drag them in whatever turmoil he was dealing with. It is obvious that he wants to make people around him feel good.

I suspect that it is as Robin Williams mentioned: Many people who have experienced deep fear, despair and self-destruction absolutely do not wish it upon others. They know it’s horrible and no way to live; they’ll do anything to protect others from it and give them a light. 

It makes me so happy that Iron Man is real.

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