Under appreciated brilliance in Legally Blonde: when an innocent woman on trial for murder learns that her lawyer (“the top defence attorney in the state”) sexually harassed one of his students—the same student who had been kind to her, believed in her, and refused to share the alibi she’d been told in confidence—causing her to decide on dropping out of law school in distress, said innocent woman decides to risk prison by firing the TOP DEFENCE ATTORNEY IN THE STATE to whom she has paid a fortune and have said law student defend her instead, in order to prevent her dropping out of school and giving up on a promising career. This decision is supported by the law student’s ex boyfriend’s fiancé, and the presumably long term colleague of the offending attourney who is a partner in his firm and thus would have clear motives for disbelieving or dismissing the report of harassment, but does not.

Elle is believed, her harasser faces immediate consequences for his actions, and she is rallied round by a group of friends, coworkers, and even a teacher (“If you’re going to let one stupid prick ruin your life, you’re not the girl I thought you were.”) who go out of their way to support her and ensure that the harassment she faced does not destroy her future—even when an innocent woman has to put her own freedom on the line to do it.

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