Soup-serving robot fail. [video]

Simone Giertz, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Shitty Robots.” She intentionally engineers terrible robots just for fun.

everything this woman makes is goddamn fantastic

So I went to her YouTube channel cuz I was like “yo I want some more funny robot videos.

Turns out:

Her latest update on twitter just came out less than a day ago:

Hopefully, her recovery goes well.

On a lighter note, when she discussed the possibility of going blind in one eye as a result of the surgery she got a comment:

She’s recovering wonderfully and she is not blind and doesnt have any complications! And she rented a full workshop, she used to work literally on the other side of her tiny basically one or two room house but now she has a whole workshop! I’m so happy for her

This made my fucking day…..I usually only blog about Witchy things but .this just made me smile and laugh so….what is more bewitching that a smile and a laugh … fuck it …posted

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