Australian scientists have developed a pair of anti-shark wetsuits that make divers appear invisible by camouflaging their bodies in the sea and trick sharks into thinking surfers are poisonous. A team of researchers from the University of Western Australia joined forces with designers from  Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) to create the suits. The blue pattern of the Elude suit can’t be seen by the shark because the fish are colour blind. While the stripes on the Diverter suit mimic the colours of poisonous fish to warn the sharks off.

THIS is how you deal with shark attacks. Not by killing or hunting the sharks, but by protecting yourself when you go into the water. A+

Why have we only just now done this?

Holy fuck this is amazing. Y’all, please spread this around. Most shark attacks are ACCIDENTS. The only reason people are killed by great white is because they’re a huge fish slamming into you with steak knives in their mouths, meanwhile Galapagos sharks, one of the most aggressive sharks, are much smaller and have much smaller teeth.

It’s not the shark’s fault, and humans need to start taking precautions to help themselves stay safe, not vilify the sharks who are just looking for a meal.

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