Oh my god.

You guys. This picture book that just came in.

It’s an adorable story about a little “narwhal,” living with a narwhal family under the sea, but take a closer look.

Over the following pages, Kelp struggles to fit in. Kelp is different in so many ways; nothing ever feels fully right. Eventually, by pure chance, Kelp happens to get blown off by a stray ocean current and winds up on the ocean surface, where a remarkable discovery is made. 

Um. Wow.

And despite their nervousness…

Hurray! And then the question:

I’m dead. This book killed me. So much perfectness was never to be survived. Kelp, I love you.

(And you, too.)

And yes, I realize that it could just be a lovely story about a narwhal, not a metaphor for anything bigger, but isn’t that the beauty of all the best sorts of books?

Book made me cry before tea. ❤

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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